Stellar Start-Up Companies of India - The Top 10


India in recent years has well-benefitted from the nation's boom in economy, rapidly climbing the international trade ladder to emerge as a financial powerhouse and attract investors from all around the world. In turn, the South Asian country's intellectual youth, spurred by the sudden increase in opportunities available to them have come forward in full force, materialising a wide variety of business ideas and innovative ventures with the use of both foreign and governmental aids. In this issue, Top 10 of Asia acknowledges the might of these start-up companies and takes a peep at what they are really into.


TommyJams is the one-stop-solution for venues, artists and fans to interact with each other without the interference of a third party, allowing venues to locate artists and vice versa while keeping fans updated of the progress in real time. The web/mobile technology builds and supports a vibrant community of the Indian entertainment industry, where budding artists are given the needed exposure to be booked by venues for events and followers are able to keep themselves updated on their favourite artists and any events being organised in their city. TommyJams is the brainchild of Stanford University alumni Parth Saxena and Nikhil Kapur, who came together to combine their passion for technology and music.


An application on both Android and iOS, TeliportMe is a revolutionary social network that lets its users connect with each other through panoramic views of wherever they are. Users capture and upload 360° panorama of their locations before geotagging the visual and adding contextual information to create, share and experience places from all around the world through mobile devices. The founder of this nifty app is Vineet Devaiah, a graduate of Cornell University who made his first website when he was just 10 and once headed the US and International Business Development team at Terracycle Inc.

Daily Dump

A pioneer in designing and building waste solutions in the cities of India, Daily Dump is an online platform that encourages every citizen to actively participate in keeping the city clean and sanitary. Offering a wide range of segregation products, composters, books, services and accessories of use in waste management, the products sold online are designed to ensure that composting at home is convenient and hygienic while the website strives to inculcate the "Harm Less" attitude in everyone for the sake of the community and the environment as well. The founder of this green start-up is Poonam Bir Kasturi, who is also the CEO and the head of Daily Dump's Design and Innovation team.

India's first and only daily food deals website, features countless discounts and special offers from a variety of restaurants and bars located in cities throughout the country. Offering users the chance to save money on restaurant bills, the website has a stringent vetting procedure to ensure that only the finest places around India are vouched for customers to dine in. Restaurants and food joints benefit greatly from the service as well, providing them with a promotional opportunity and linking both patrons and restaurateurs on the same online platform. Launched in 2012, the portal was founded by Kartik Saboo, a young entrepreneur and self-proclaimed foodie.


Hosting the largest collection of adventure, wildlife and offbeat tours obtained from top 100 or so tour operators across more than 380 locations in India, the adventure portal provides users with the opportunity to learn about the activities available around them while giving tour agencies the reach to a wider audience. With some 950 adventure tours currently under its belt, the site is used by both foreign and local tourists seeking to discover the wild and offbeat side of India. was founded by Fazle-Imdad Shirpurwala, an inventor with four patents to his credit and a finalist at the Economic Times' Power of Ideas.


A social intelligence start-up, Frrole focuses on collecting precise content and deep insights from Twitter data for its customers to identify in real time what people, influencers and cities are talking about and assimilate the content and insights directly into their products. Using a semantic engine, Frrole algorithmically extracts meaningful, relevant and informational social insights from Twitter conversations, allowing clients to build custom applications or pick from a suite of apps offered by the platform. Founded by Abhishek Vaid, Amarpreet Kalkat and Nishith Sharma, Frrole's current clients include some of India’s largest and most progressive media companies and technology companies.

Little Eye

A powerful performance analysis tool for Android apps, Little Eye measures the performance characteristics of mobile apps, allowing intuitive analysis of all the collected data and helping the developers improve their creations. With all the tests done before the release of an app, performance and resource usage problems the apps can easily be rectified, effectively communicating the issues between developers and external teams involved. Little Eye was founded by a group of program analysis geeks in Bangalore, India who call themselves 'ions' or short for 'eye-ons'.

Hatti Kaapi

A conventional filter coffee store that strives to provide excellent, qualitative and authentic filter coffee at an affordable price to the coffee drinkers of Bangalore, Hatti Kappi is the brainchild of Mahender US who founded the company after many years in the coffee bean trade. Prioritising quantity and quality, the coffee start-up is slowly and cautiously expanding, having already established to sixteen Hatti's across Bangalore, owing to the remarkable response by customers who were satisfied with its taste and excellence. Future plans for Hatti include increasing its fanbase by expanding beyond the state of Karnataka through dedicated franchisees.

Hector Beverages

The maker of energy drink Tzinga, the people behind Hector Beverages are great believers of the notion that carbonated drinks should be more than just fizzy, sweetened water. Determined to contribute to the health of consumers in the developing world by delivering macro-nutrients such as protein and micro-nutrients like vitamins, Hector Beverages designed Tzinga, a drink that is simply healthy and tasty without any unnecessary exaggerations. Launched by Neeraj Kakkar, James Nuttall and Suhas Misra, the team shares extensive expertise ranging from innovative packaging to the experience of working in Coke India.

Edutor Technologies

Started in 2009 by three Indian Institute of Technology alumni - Ram Gollamudi, Prasanna Boni and Ramesh Karra - who are passionate about learning and understanding technology markets, Edutor Technologies launched India's first handheld learning device in the same year. Known as the IGNITOR Learning Platform, the device was designed with the data collected from thousands of students, parents and teachers, providing an effective educational technology for learners across the country. Incubated by IIT Madras' Rural Technology and Business Incubator, Edutor is under the supervision of India's leading educators and firmly believe in the power of personal learning.